Smile Makeover

Cosmetic imperfections in your smile can cause self-consciousness and embarrassment.

smile makeover by David P. Babb combines different cosmetic dentistry treatments to craft a smile that’s just right for you.

Our cosmetic dentist, David Babb, provides several cosmetic dentistry procedures at our Beaufort, SC, practice.

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Dramatic Results

A smile makeover at David P. Babb DMD can addresses multiple concerns simultaneously. Dramatic results can be expected with a brand new smile. 

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Personalized Care

Dr. Babb’s smile makeovers are uniquely designed for the individual patient’s goals and needs. Once our dentist understands your desired results, He will recommend a custom combination of treatments to give you the smile you have always dreamed of. 

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Higher Level of Confidence

If you are hesitant about speaking publicly, taking pictures or introducing yourself to new people because you are conscious about the appearance of your smile, a smile makeover can and provide a boost in self-esteem and address your concerns.


A smile makeover main purpose is to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and gums by combining multiple dental procedures. Patients with good oral health are the best candidates for a  smile makeover treatment plan. The goal is not to improve the health and function of your teeth, but to improve how your smile looks.


Dr. David Babb Dmd

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in South Carolina

David Babb, DMD, FICOI

If you are searching for a respected and capable cosmetic dentist in Beaufort and all of South Carolina, Look no further. Dr. David Babb has completed extensive training in cosmetic and restorative care. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and had received training at The Pankey Institute and Dawson Academy. He has the expertise to help you achieve the stunning smile. If you are wondering what Dr. Babb can do to upgrade your smile, we invite you to contact our practice today.

At David P. Babb DMD, our dentist recognizes that every patient is unique. That’s why we personalize each treatment plan to fit the needs of the individual. No matter what your aesthetic or oral health goals may be, our experienced dental team can help. To schedule an appointment at our Beaufort, SC, dental practice, use our online form or give us a call at:

"Could Not Recommend Them More"

Great attitude and overwhelming understanding of dental science. Felt very comfortable and safe with their care. Could not recommend them more. Lucky to have them in our community.

A Smile Makeover Can Addresses

The Following

Crooked Teeth

Gapped, crooked or gapped teeth can be aligned with Invisalign, orthodontics and improved with porcelain veneers 

Broken Teeth

Dr. Babb uses dental bonding to fix a chipped or broken tooth. He can also cover the tooth with a veneer. 

Gummy Smile

Our dentist can perform gum contouring for patients with “gummy” smiles or uneven gum lines for an aesthetically pleasing smile.

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Discolored Teeth

For teeth that are discolored or stained, our dentist can perform teeth whitening treatments or apply porcelain veneers.

Short Teeth

Teeth often become shorter with age. Our dentist can lengthen teeth with veneers or bonding. 

Missing Teeth

Dr. Babb can restore multiple or single missing teeth with dental implants, dentures, dental bridges, full  dentures or partial dentures. 


Because every smile makeover is unique, the cost will vary from case to case. The most involved smile makeovers can cost thousands of dollars, while treatment plans that only include a few procedures are much less. When Dr. Babb presents his personalized plan to you during a consultation, he will explain the cost of each individual procedure. Factors that can affect the cost of dentistry include:

  • The number of treatments
  • The use of sedation
  • The extent of preparatory dentistry required
  • The materials used to fabricate crowns, veneers, etc.

During your smile makeover consultation, we can also explain financing options that make cosmetic dentistry a comfortable fit for most budgets.

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